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JuLY 13, 2015, edition

Submitted by Marian Welter, Board Member

July is Daylily Month at the Arb. The daylily garden is stunning in its bold, brazen orange and red varieties counterbalanced with the creamy yellows and pinks. If you stop out for a walk, you will notice a new section of gravel path that will take you right past this garden. Stop and linger a while.

As every gardener knows this year, conditions have been perfect for growing plants. Ample rain mixed with a good amount of sunshine without the roasting temperatures. While it’s good for plants we intend to have, it’s also been great for growing some of our least favorite weeds. The Arb benefits from the United Way’s Annual Day of Caring when more than 70 people do the spring spruce up of our landscaped acres. The Webster Arboretum Association has recently hired a new horticulturalist on a part time basis for more regular upkeep of the gardens and, of course, the perennial gardens are lovingly attended to by the garden clubs. That said, without due diligence, the weeds might win.

We often hear from visitors to the park how beautiful and well tended the Arb is. It takes many hands to make that perception a reality. You could be part of the team that makes that beauty happen.

Join us on Monday, July 20, at 6:30 p.m. for the Family and Friends Night at the Arboretum. Bring your picnic dinner, gardening gloves, and some insect repellent for an evening spent doing some light weeding. Arboretum members will be there to guide the way. Any tools that might be needed are provided. The Arboretum is located at Kent Park, 1700 Schlegel Road, Webster.

If you can’t make the July 20 event, mark your calendars for the third Monday in August (17th) and September (21st) for repeat events. If you would like to volunteer at your pleasure, please visit our contact page to sign up.

The Shakers have an old saying, "Many hands make light work." Come on out to add your hands to the many.

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"The Webster Arboretum is a place where people will visit a unique garden of natural beauty. The site is multi-use to include leisure, educational and cultural activities in a natural setting. It also enhances awareness of the value, beauty and need for protection of our botanical resources. Our goal is to create a park-like setting dedicated to quiet reflection, beauty, sight, smell and sounds of nature. We also aim at reflecting on the past, providing for the present and leaving a memorial and vision of the future. People of all ages will find something rewarding whether walking, listening to nature or a band, studying and observing nature or resting."

Elmer Smith
Town father and inspiration
for the Arboretum 1921-1996